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 Biological Safety Cabinets & Laminar Flow Products
 CO2 Incubators
 Environmental Monitoring Systems
 Balances & Scales
 Biological Safety Cabinets
 Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinets/ Clean Benches
 Sterile Compounding Isolators- Pharmacy
 Glove Boxes
 Weighing Stations & Custom Enclosures
 Polypropylene Fume Hoods & Casework
 Ductless Fume Hoods
 Animal Changing Stations
 Robotic Enclosures
 Ultra Low -80 Freezers
 Portable -80 Freezers
 General Purpose Refrigerators
 Explosion Proof & Flammable Storage
 Pharmacy Refrigerators
 Enzyme Storage -20 Freezer
 HE Or -150 Freezers
 Blast Freezer
 Plasma Freezer & Blood Bank
 Liquid Nitrogen Tank
 Inventory Control Systems
 Transport Services
 Bone Marrow Frames And Canisters
 Cage Changing Stations
 Procedure Hoods
 Bottle Washers
 Rack & Tunnel Washers
 Bottle Fillers
 Bedding Dump Stations
 Necropsy & Pathology Equipment
 Alarm Monitoring
 Top loading Autoclaves
 Hydrogen Peroxide decontamination products
 797 isolators
 Laminar flow clean benches
 Pass thru refrigerators
 Chemo Hoods
 Biosafety Cabinets
 Automated Stainers
 Research and testing
 Purified water from centralized source
 Clinical diagnostics
 Type 1 Ultra Pure
 Type 2 DI
 Type 3 RO
 2” boxes
 3” boxes
 15mL conical tubes
 50mL conical tubers
 media bottles
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