Past Projects

Centers for Disease Control – Bldg 18 and 23 & Serum Bank
          BSC’s, Laminar Flow Products, Necropsy tables and walk-in cold rooms

Emory University – Rollins Public Health, Woodruff Research and Emory Hospital
          Incubators, freezers, walk-in cold rooms and BSC’s

Georgia Tech – ES & T, Applied Physiology & IBB Bldg
          Walk in temp rooms, incubators, BSC’s, Animal Care Products

University of Georgia – ARC, Vet Diagnostic, Vet Medicine, A & D Science, Bio Sciences
          BSC’s, incubators, - 80’s, Necropsy tables, LN2 and walk-in rooms and sterilizers

Merial – Athens and Gainesville
           Necropsy tables, cell roller incubators, LN2 Systems and BSC’s

Medical College of GA -  Cancer Center, IMMAG and MCG Health
          BSC’s, necropsy tables, sterilizers, LN2, incubators, – 80’s and cage changing equipment

University of Alabama – Kaul Genetics, Volker Haul, Tumor Institute, RSB and S & E Complex
          Walk in rooms, necropsy tables, BSC’s, cage changing and washing equipment

Univ of South Alabama – Boyd Cancer Center, MSB Renovation, Marine Science
           BSC’s, LN2, walk-in rooms, sterilizers, cage changing equipment

Tuskegee University – Animal Research Center
           Cage Changing, BSC’s, necropsy tables, sterilizers and washing equipment

Vanderbilt University – MRB IV, Animal Care, MRB I and MCN
           Washing & cage changing equipment, necropsy tables and BSC’s

St Jude Children’s Research Hospital – Vivarium expansion
           Custom BSC cage changing equipment

Regional Bio-containment Facility – UTHSC
          Walk-in BSC’s, cage changing equipment, pass thru chambers

West Tennessee Regional Blood Center – Jackson, TN
           Walk in Freezers and Refrigerators

VA Hospital – Mountain Home, TN
          Walk in cold rooms, BSC’s

Oak Ridge National Lab – Mouse Facility
           Cage changing equipment, laminar flow products and BSC’s

Univ of TN – Plant and Soil Sciences, School of Vet Medicine and Engineering Bldg
           Walk in rooms, laminar flow products, misc equipment

Tennessee Georgia Alabama